Intro to Me

Hey blog people. This being my first post, I think we should get to know each other a bit. My name is Kit, I’m 28, and I live in Boston. Here are some facts, fun and otherwise, about me:

  • Health, or lack thereof, is a big deal to me. I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and panic disorder, plus a shiny titanium hip.
  • I’m pursuing a master’s degree in health communication.
  • I keep trying to eat healthy food, but it’s an uphill battle. I love dessert and coffee! Brunch is my favorite meal because I can eat dessert for breakfast in public and have it considered socially acceptable.
  • I used to be a dancer. I’m not anymore, but I’m trying to start exercising again. That’s going…okay.
  • I love to read, and I’m a fast reader. Currently tearing through J.K. Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy.
  • I love TV. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling are some of my favorite creators. I think of them as my spirit sisters.
  • I guess I just love stories in whatever form they’re handed to me.
  • I have a Cocker Spaniel named Sunny, great parents, two little sisters, one big brother, and one sister-in-law. I want to apologize to my human family members for listing the dog before you.

Enough about me, since I’m sure you’ll learn plenty over time. What are some things I should know about you? What kinds of things are you interested in reading about? I want to make sure my writing is relevant to my readers. For a quick overview of what I’ll be writing about, see my About Me page. Enjoy the blog!

Closing thought of the day:

This might make me a lousy New Englander but please, no more news about #Deflategate. Tom Brady is going to be okay guys. Let’s move on.


5 thoughts on “Intro to Me

    • Kit says:

      I love Kristen Wiig! I’m really looking forward to seeing Welcome to Me. I’m interested to see her portrayal of a character with mental illness – so far I’ve heard good things. On a less highbrow note, Dooneese is my favorite.

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