Gimme Some Sugar…No, Give Me All of It

For the past year or so, I’ve been thinking about cleaning up my diet a bit to improve my general health and, hopefully, my RA. I like to call my diet the Buddy the Elf diet; high in sugar, low in pretty much anything else. Brunch is my favorite meal because it’s basically dessert for breakfast. I eat pie late at night so often, I have an official name for it: Night Pie. Okay, it’s not the most creative name, but it tells it like it is.

I will never be the poster child for a balanced healthy diet. But I’ve become increasingly concerned about my super sugary diet. Nutrition has always been tough for me. I often have a decreased appetite and lose weight easily, especially when my arthritis is active or my anxiety is particularly bad. While this might not sound bad to many people, especially those who struggle to lose weight, it isn’t great since I’m not intending to lose weight. It’s because I am sick. So I’m never eager to deny myself a sugary treat because I’ve always figured I should do whatever I need to do to keep my weight stable. I’ve had nutritionists recommend daily milkshakes!

The idea of giving up sugar is anxiety provoking to me, because I’ve come to view sugary foods as soothing, and eating them as something that makes me happy. I hesitate to classify myself as addicted to sugar, but it is something I’ve thought about.

I’ve been trying to make small changes where I can. I order my coffee without sugar and then I add it myself (half a packet, which I would estimate is a little less than a teaspoon). I try to make and bring my own lunch to work – though admittedly I often fail. In that case, I try to be aware of the things I’m purchasing since so many foods have added sugar.

This is a balancing act that I need to practice and perfect. Someday I might even try to skip dessert.


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