January Jewelry Spotlight: WWAKE

When I first started writing here, I made mention of the fact that sometimes I would divert a little from health and other similarly serious topics and talk about another passionate interest of mine: design, particularly jewelry design. Having moved on from my position as an e-commerce person (copywriter? coordinator? general runner-of/guru? We never nailed down an official title.) at a store that specialized in beautiful, giftable jewelry, I find myself missing being surrounded by lovely objects all day. So I feel the need to indulge myself a little here. Without further ado, please enjoy the first of monthly jewelry design spotlights!

Let’s just get the confessions out of the way right up front: I have an opal problem. Ever since receiving my Kathryn Bentley Opal Dream Ring from Of a Kind (similar style here), I’ve felt the need to collect more. And if you know jewelry company WWAKE, you know designer Wing Yau – recently included in Forbes 30 Under 30 Art & Style list – is an opal master. Her clean designs sit in perfect contrast to the mysterious fluidity of the stones. I want all of it. But right now, the design I’m most in love with contains no opals at all.

The Long Smeared Flake earrings have the potential to be the perfect everyday gold stud. The designer’s fingerprint is turned into a textured golden smudge long enough to echo an ear-climber silhouette and the matte finish on the 14kt heightens the sophistication of the design. I like to image these with a tailored blouse, a pair of dark navy wide leg pants, and a simple gold pendant necklace.

At $354 for a pair, I feel these are pretty reasonably priced – still an investment, but definitely an investment worth making if you’re in the market for a not boring pair of gold studs. And if you’re more of a silver tone fan, these are available in sterling too.


photo from wwake.com


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