My Oscars 2016 Best Dressed

It was a controversial Oscars this year – and rightly so, due to the lack of diversity in the nominee pool. I didn’t really watch, with the exception of Chris Rock’s monologue, and I was in and out even for that (hey, someone has to make dinner).

But this morning, I hurried to see the looks from last night, and there were a lot of great ones. Lady Gaga looked spectacular in her secret pants outfit, Alicia Vikander’s butter yellow, bubble hem gown was dreamy, Cate Blanchett was AMAZING, Priyanka Chopra was dazzling in white, Mindy Kaling’s blue and black gown was fierce; I could go on and on.

In the end though, it was the sparkling emerald green Saoirse Ronan who did it for me, which shouldn’t be surprising since I’m a sucker for green. Rachel McAdams was also gorgeous in green, but she just didn’t do it for me the way Saoirse did. The sparkling Calvin Klein dress was so simple but rocked a daring back. I’ve heard a little complaining about the mismatched earrings, but I loved it and was so happy to not see the standard over-the-top diamonds that are so de rigueur on the Red Carpet. See Saoirse’s look below, and other standouts from the night.





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