Silly Art Projects

A collection of goofy images made by me, typically in Adobe Illustrator, because I am learning and practicing.

"I Call This One the Sneaky Fish"

“I Call This One the Sneaky Fish”: Inspired by my favorite dance move from SNL’s parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.



Emerson College Media Strategies Project

This is a campaign I envisioned around encouraging Boston’s young adults suffering from untreated anxiety and depression to seek a referral to a specialist. This project included selecting a campaign sponsor. I selected NAMI Massachusetts, but please note this was a project for one of my grad school classes, and is not officially connected to NAMI Mass.

The selected items include the full campaign plan, a sample website page, and a print collateral sample.

NAMI Mass Campaign Plan

Sample Website Page Copy

Sample Print Collateral